Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

I was one of the first few who ordered this device: http://www.withings.com/en/bodyanalyzer and I'd like to share my experiences and problems I encountered.


I keep the device in the bedroom as it is suggested by Withings and (opposed to their recommendation) I weigh myself each and every day.
  • Body weight: The records show a daily variation of 2-3 kg, but as far as I know this is normal for a me-sized human.
  • Fat and lean mass: I can't really judge, whether the values are correct, but I have to assume, since I want to keep the device. 
  • Heart rate: It requires discipline to ensure identical breathing and other preconditions; for me it will take a few more days…
  • Air quality (CO2): The device analyzes the air every half an hour and submits the values upon each scaling or every 12 hours. It really helps to improve my ventilation habits.
  • Data synchronization: The data shows up immediately after the scaling has been completed. 
  • Scale display: Crystal clear and pleasant white-on-black.
  • Usage by non-registered users: The data can be assigned to a user to be created.


  • The scale couldn't connect to my 1st gen. Time Capsule (5 years old)  which was set to the radio mode "802.11n (5GHz only)". I had to set the radio mode to 802.11n 2.4GHz, to make it work, but this is a performance degradation resulting in half of the bandwidth as on 5GHz.
  • The web dashboard doesn't yet fully support the device
Heart rate and air quality metrics are missing
  • Assigning the scale to a further user account results in going through the whole setup process again.
  • The scale suddenly started to measure unbelievably high CO2 values, where blue is around 50 ppm and brown is around 65.500 ppm (would be normally a very dangerous concentration)
Invalid measurement data
  • The scale measured −4,5% fat mass reduction in just two days - also impossible.
These issues force me not to recommend the scale as I'm thinking about returning it, because I don't trust it anymore…


  1. Hello,

    You wrote "The device analyzes the air every half an hour and submits the values upon each scaling or every 12 hours"; how can I tell the Scale to upload datas every hour (if possible)?


    1. At the time of having the scale this was only option. Since then I switched to a Tanita scale (you can find a brief report on this, too).

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