JRebel for free and a bug

I've been using JRebel at a client's site for several months by now and I'm very pleased with it. So I decided to use it for my private projects, too. The prices aren't that high, but then I discovered, that ZeroTurnaround offers it just for the price of one tweet or wall message per month. I think this is a great opportunity for them to gain customers by letting them enjoying the advantages of the tool at no charge for an unlimited period of time. Check it out at https://social.jrebel.com/ .

The reason for my increased interest was the following bug which I discovered yesterday and wanted the developers to know that it exists, so I posted a message in their forum with the following description:

The following scenario caused JRebel and thus also the container to hang:

Project structure:
|_ module1 - contains Mapping.hbm.xml
|_ module2 - also contains a Mapping.hbm.xml

Renaming one of the mapping files solved the issue, whose cause was very hard to find.
Multiple identical Spring configuration file names are in contrast no problem.

Build system: Maven 3
Container: JBoss 4.2.3
JRebel version: 4.5.4
Hibernate version: 3.3
Java version: 1.6.29
OS: Windows 7

I'm curious, whether and when they react and how they will handle the issue.

UPDATE: Just only a few hours after this post has been submitted it got comments from two developers of ZeroTurnaround - this is what I call excellent service!

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