OS X Lion (10.7) crash due to kernel panic

This is very disappointing: I already had the second crash of Lion. Similar to this case I reported the first one, too, but Apple didn't reply so far, although they did it in approximately 50% of the issues (I reported 40 so far). I saw several reports on this issue.
A kernel panic is an indicator of a commercial operating system being far away from complete. I had kernel panics years (more than a decade) ago when I was building my Debian kernels. In contrast to now I not only could find the cause (since it was my fault), but I was able to either repair it or implement a workaround. This would probably be possible in case of OS X, too, but exactly this one of the reasons why I switched from Linux to OS X: I didn't want low-level hassle anymore.
Apple, your QA is insufficient.

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