OS X 10.7 Lion - review and crashes

Due to my excellent internet connectivity Lion has been downloaded in a few minutes. The installation took longer, but the whole process was less than one hour of effort (for the iMac). Meanwhile I also upgraded my girlfriend's MacBook Pro and it went smooth as well.
In this post I will record and share my experiences (be positive, negative or neutral).

  • Performance has been significantly improved in all areas (system, already and newly installed Apple- and non-Apple software products)
  • The UI has been refined and thus everything looks and moves smoother
  • Mail 5 has really become excellent for mail reading
  • The kernel is 64-bit on my Core 2 Duo iMac, too
  • Mission control significantly improves the efficiency in a multi-desktop work environment
  • The iOS-like spell and grammar check with the instant proposal reduces the time of error corrections
  • FaceTime is included
  • Launchpad makes starting of apps only with the mouse possible (I always used Spotlight)
  • Many self-evident features such as the merging of identically named folders when copying with Finder have finally arrived
Mission Control
  • Dashboard on an own space doesn't make sense to me, but it also doesn't hurt as the original setting can be restored
  • The "natural" scrolling direction is as beneficial to me as the traditional and it can be restored as well
  • Launchpad is unstable: Crashes and rebuilds the database, thus the folders are only temporary
  • appleprofilepolicyd is running even without a server and there is no way to turn it off
  • applepushserviced is running even without a server and there is no way to turn it off
  • Lion crashed due to a kernel panic after a few hours of usage (bug report submitted)
  • Safari consumes more than 1.5 GB memory in scenarios, where Safari and Chrome are still under 200 MB

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