OS X 10.7 (Lion) release date - 2011-07-20

There were tons of speculations by all well-known Mac rumors sites regarding the release date of Lion, but all turned out to be completely wrong, because they predicted to see the new cat last week...
All missed one point which was always incorporated by speculations in the past: The release date of previous OS X versions.
Here is a list of release dates as listed in Wikipedia:
- 10.0 - 2001-03-24 (Saturday)
- 10.1 - 2001-09-25 (Tuesday)
- 10.2 - 2002-08-24 (Saturday)
- 10.3 - 2003-10-24 (Friday)
- 10.4 - 2005-04-29 (Friday)
- 10.5 - 2007-10-26 (Friday)
- 10.6 - 2009-08-28 (Friday)
- 10.7 - 2011-07-20 (Wednesday)

It is obvious that:
- all new versions have been released on the twenty-Xth of a month
- the last four releases were on a Friday.

Since this July there will be two more Fridays, the release will most probably happen on the 22nd or the 29th. My bet is this Friday, the 22nd.

UPDATE: Lion will be released today, on the 20th of July - I was as good (or as bad) with my prediction as all the rumor sites out there… ^^

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