Safari 5.x memory leak, bad performance - a disaster

It's enough. I tried really hard, but I can't. Safari 5.x is unusable for me under both, Lion and Snow Leopard.

  • Safari consumes more than 1.5 GB memory in scenarios, where Safari and Chrome are still under 200 MB i.e. it has at least one memory leak
  • The leak has severe impact on the overall system performance, because it forces other apps' data to swap out
  • Loading pages is slower than in other browsers
  • Reopening tabs takes ages
  • HTML5 video replay CPU consumption is unacceptably higher than with Flash (YouTube-based comparison)


OS X Lion (10.7) crash due to kernel panic

This is very disappointing: I already had the second crash of Lion. Similar to this case I reported the first one, too, but Apple didn't reply so far, although they did it in approximately 50% of the issues (I reported 40 so far). I saw several reports on this issue.
A kernel panic is an indicator of a commercial operating system being far away from complete. I had kernel panics years (more than a decade) ago when I was building my Debian kernels. In contrast to now I not only could find the cause (since it was my fault), but I was able to either repair it or implement a workaround. This would probably be possible in case of OS X, too, but exactly this one of the reasons why I switched from Linux to OS X: I didn't want low-level hassle anymore.
Apple, your QA is insufficient.


OS X 10.7 Lion - review and crashes

Due to my excellent internet connectivity Lion has been downloaded in a few minutes. The installation took longer, but the whole process was less than one hour of effort (for the iMac). Meanwhile I also upgraded my girlfriend's MacBook Pro and it went smooth as well.
In this post I will record and share my experiences (be positive, negative or neutral).

  • Performance has been significantly improved in all areas (system, already and newly installed Apple- and non-Apple software products)
  • The UI has been refined and thus everything looks and moves smoother
  • Mail 5 has really become excellent for mail reading
  • The kernel is 64-bit on my Core 2 Duo iMac, too
  • Mission control significantly improves the efficiency in a multi-desktop work environment
  • The iOS-like spell and grammar check with the instant proposal reduces the time of error corrections
  • FaceTime is included
  • Launchpad makes starting of apps only with the mouse possible (I always used Spotlight)
  • Many self-evident features such as the merging of identically named folders when copying with Finder have finally arrived
Mission Control
  • Dashboard on an own space doesn't make sense to me, but it also doesn't hurt as the original setting can be restored
  • The "natural" scrolling direction is as beneficial to me as the traditional and it can be restored as well
  • Launchpad is unstable: Crashes and rebuilds the database, thus the folders are only temporary
  • appleprofilepolicyd is running even without a server and there is no way to turn it off
  • applepushserviced is running even without a server and there is no way to turn it off
  • Lion crashed due to a kernel panic after a few hours of usage (bug report submitted)
  • Safari consumes more than 1.5 GB memory in scenarios, where Safari and Chrome are still under 200 MB


OS X 10.7 (Lion) release date - 2011-07-20

There were tons of speculations by all well-known Mac rumors sites regarding the release date of Lion, but all turned out to be completely wrong, because they predicted to see the new cat last week...
All missed one point which was always incorporated by speculations in the past: The release date of previous OS X versions.
Here is a list of release dates as listed in Wikipedia:
- 10.0 - 2001-03-24 (Saturday)
- 10.1 - 2001-09-25 (Tuesday)
- 10.2 - 2002-08-24 (Saturday)
- 10.3 - 2003-10-24 (Friday)
- 10.4 - 2005-04-29 (Friday)
- 10.5 - 2007-10-26 (Friday)
- 10.6 - 2009-08-28 (Friday)
- 10.7 - 2011-07-20 (Wednesday)

It is obvious that:
- all new versions have been released on the twenty-Xth of a month
- the last four releases were on a Friday.

Since this July there will be two more Fridays, the release will most probably happen on the 22nd or the 29th. My bet is this Friday, the 22nd.

UPDATE: Lion will be released today, on the 20th of July - I was as good (or as bad) with my prediction as all the rumor sites out there… ^^


Why should I use Selenium?

There was a short discussion on Twitter between Ron Jeffries and me which ended up in the following two questions:
- me: "Why don't you use #selenium?"
- Ron Jeffries: "let me turn the question around ... why SHOULD i use selenium?"

Here you can find a list of reasons why I use Selenium and why I think others should use it, too:
  • Designed for web test automation
  • It's very easy and fun to implement tests
  • Can be integrated with test and issue management tools (e.g. FitNesse, Zephyr, JIRA, …)
  • Provides various language APIs (e.g. Java, JavaScript, Ruby, …)
  • Supports all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Supports all major platforms, where applicable (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Supports not only traditional, but also advanced technologies, such as AJAX or Flex (via plugin)
  • Supports UI abstraction concepts, such as UI maps and the PageObject pattern
  • There are several ways to execute tests: Locally with Firefox plugin, remotely (from integration tests or test management tools) and in grid
  • It is trivial to incorporate in CI
  • All APIs are extensible
  • Open source
The Selenium headquarter: http://seleniumhq.org/


Apple and security patches

So, there is another PDF security flaw in iOS that will be already utilized by an exploit on jailbreakme.com. I'm no jailbreaker and usually only visit sites I already know or which I know can be trusted. Therefore I don't think that my data will be leaked or damaged.
But as far as I remember last time it took several weeks for Apple to solve a similar problem - how long will it take this time? I hope Apple somehow improves its patch delivery time both on iOS and OS X. Otherwise I suspect that it will become the next Microsoft and I really don't want it...