Rebuild Xcode index

Since iOszkar 1.1 is still waiting for review I decided to switch to the Object Mapping 2.0 branch of RestKit and update iOszkar to use it to provide feedback on this beta branch and to prepare my project for the future as well.
It took only a few commands and clicks - but it didn't work! Xcode was still missing the 2.0-related classes, so I gone through the whole setup process again - but it didn't work, those classes were still missing for Xcode! I tried several other alternatives without luck…
Then I remembered that there is an exotic directory holding generated data and also the index: DerivedData. I simply erased all the content within it and this indeed forced Xcode to rebuild the index and thus correctly recognize all necessary classes - success!
The location of this directory can be determined by choosing Project Settings… in the File menu:

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