AdSense and AdWords

It is trivial for Blogger blogs to enable AdSense as it can be added as a widget just like my tweets, links or images.
Although I know that people landing on these pages most probably have an ad blocker I also hope that when they find the content useful and interesting they add an exception in their settings :)

That not everyone uses an ad blocker is proven by the fact that the AdWords campaign, which I started two days ago, is working: Not only will the ad several thousand times be displayed, but it also motivates users to click on it and hopefully to download iOszkar. The more clicks, the more visitors to ioszkar.andrashatvani.com and the greater chance to increase the number of downloads.

However, it's not trivial to reach the target audience, because it requires the exact understanding of what keywords

  • your subject is the most related with
  • people search for
  • are synonyms of the trivial ones
  • have better composite forms.
Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two very interesting and also sophisticated empirical sciences which require you to understand the language. 


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