AdSense account has been disabled due to invalid activity

Two days ago I received a notification from Google stating that my AdSense account has been disabled due to invalid activity - they wrote exactly the following:
"After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity."

Although I sent an appeal to clarify the situation I haven't received any useful answer and they didn't change their decision.
Since this is a blog heavily focusing on development, therefore most visitors are themselves developers, too. As such, they most probably use ad-blockers, so I didn't really have any income from the ads and it was thought as an experience anyway.
However, I think that Google was neither fair, nor professional in handling of this issue, so I'm quite disappointed.
The site is now ad-free and it is OK so, but I wanted to decide this myself and not let others decide it for me based on random metrics.


  1. More and more, I find Google AdSense as shady and unfair. They let the hammer fall right away without much reason. You won't even get a reply from them.

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