iCloud to replace GMail?

I've been using GMail for more than 6 years by now and I was satisfied with the reliability of the service and the amount of space available for free. There was no reason to change - until iCloud has officially been announced.
As an iOS developer I have early access not only to the developer previews of iOS 5, but I've also got access to iCloud. This fact also implicates that I've obtained a me.com e-mail address which I can already use for sending and receiving mails. MobileMe will be replaced by iCloud, and I cannot set it up on my iMac, because I have only an e-mail address, but no account and iCloud is only available for Mac developers with the preview version of Lion.
But I can already replace my GMail address used as my Apple ID with my me.com/iCloud e-mail address and use this as login on all the pages requiring authentication. I think it will only be a first step of a complete transition from GMail to iCloud - why would I want to use a 3rd party mail provider if I have an integrated and better solution (push to all devices)? As soon as it has been released I will start with the migration of my contacts, accounts and connections.


AdSense account has been disabled due to invalid activity

Two days ago I received a notification from Google stating that my AdSense account has been disabled due to invalid activity - they wrote exactly the following:
"After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity."

Although I sent an appeal to clarify the situation I haven't received any useful answer and they didn't change their decision.
Since this is a blog heavily focusing on development, therefore most visitors are themselves developers, too. As such, they most probably use ad-blockers, so I didn't really have any income from the ads and it was thought as an experience anyway.
However, I think that Google was neither fair, nor professional in handling of this issue, so I'm quite disappointed.
The site is now ad-free and it is OK so, but I wanted to decide this myself and not let others decide it for me based on random metrics.


iOS 5: iTunes finally doesn't block while syncing

iOS 5: The iTunes sync finally doesn't block the device, only a tiny symbol in the status bar will be shown.

AdSense and AdWords

It is trivial for Blogger blogs to enable AdSense as it can be added as a widget just like my tweets, links or images.
Although I know that people landing on these pages most probably have an ad blocker I also hope that when they find the content useful and interesting they add an exception in their settings :)

That not everyone uses an ad blocker is proven by the fact that the AdWords campaign, which I started two days ago, is working: Not only will the ad several thousand times be displayed, but it also motivates users to click on it and hopefully to download iOszkar. The more clicks, the more visitors to ioszkar.andrashatvani.com and the greater chance to increase the number of downloads.

However, it's not trivial to reach the target audience, because it requires the exact understanding of what keywords

  • your subject is the most related with
  • people search for
  • are synonyms of the trivial ones
  • have better composite forms.
Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two very interesting and also sophisticated empirical sciences which require you to understand the language. 


Remove border around Blogger images

The usage of the "Available on the App Store" badge is strictly defined by the App Store Marketing Guidelines. Therefore, the default border applied to each and every image uploaded to Blogger isn't acceptable and needed to be removed.
The best place to put the badge in is in an image widget in the sidebar, but there is no option to disable the border around the images, so I had to find a way to disable it in the HTML template.
It was easier as I thought, because searching for img in the template lead me to the following CSS-definition line:

.post-body img, .post-body .tr-caption-container, .Image img,
.BlogList .item-thumbnail img {
  padding: $(image.border.small.size);

  background: $(image.background.color);
  border: 1px solid $(image.border.color);

  -moz-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, .1);
  -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, .1);
  box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, .1);

As it can be seen the border and the shadow definitions apply to the image widget as well, therefore simply removing the reference to the desired class (in my case .Image img) resulted in the outcome visible in the sidebar.


iOS 5 screenshots

Find My iPhone - free for 3GS, too
Hopefully no diagnostics-gate...

Notification Center

Safari 5.1 developer preview

Along with other exciting updates Apple has released the developer preview of Safari 5.1, too.
Almost all new features are targeted at developers, but there are also under-the-hood changes indirectly improving the user experience:

  • More stability and responsiveness due to the new process and plugin architectures, which separate rendering and plugin execution from the application process
  • New CSS3 features (vertical text, text emphasis, auto-hyphenation)
  • New extension features (events, popovers, menus)
  • WebGL can be enabled in the Develop menu
  • The sending of the Do Not Track HTTP header can be enabled in the Develop menu

iOS 5 developer preview

The installation was smooth, although I was a bit surprised as all apps have been reinstalled - most probably due to the account synchronization with iCloud.
During the process my iPhone 3GS became approximately 45°C warm, which is quite unusual, but understandable due to the resource-consuming application restore.
Despite iTunes OTA sync being available (with iTunes 10.5) my recommendation is to do the first sync via USB as it is expected to be a lot stabler and faster.

I've just installed Xcode 4.2 developer preview, too, so I have to quit iTunes and so it reconnected to my iPhone as well, but it ended up in synchronizing all my apps - once more…

More feedback on iOS 5 in separate posts - see the labels on the right.


WWDC 2011 - my highlights

Mac OS X 10. 7 / Lion
  • Lion will cost $ 29.99 and be available in July
  • All the already known features such as Restore, Auto Save, Resume, Launchpad or Mission Control brought no surprise
iOS 5
  • The new notification system presents multiple notifications clearly laid out instead of the modal pop-up alerts; not only on the top of any window, but also in an own view and also on the lock screen
  • Newsstand and the Twitter integration are currently of no interest for me
  • The Reader feature has finally arrived to Mobile Safari - content-focused full-screen page view
  • Reminders seem to be a useful feature for the iPhone, especially its location-aware functionality
  • Mail has been pimped: Draggable addresses, S/MIME, message flagging, rich text formatting and indentation control
  • Setup, iTunes sync and delta software updates can be done wirelessly i.e. OTA
  • iMessage - kind of chat à la FaceTime, but also via 3G
  • iOS 5 developer preview will be available as early as today - I will provide a review as soon as possible
  • Updated iBookstore and App Store apps

  • A better MobileMe
  • FREE and AD-FREE
  • Mail, Calendar, Contacts in the cloud
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote in the cloud
  • Photo Stream - pushing photos to all devices
  • iTunes in the cloud - anything bought can be downloaded to any authorized device
  • Music can be pushed to up to 10 devices
  • 5 GB for Mail, more for the other previously mentioned apps - awesome!
iTunes Match
  • Formerly known as Lala
  • $ 24.99 p.a.
I'm very excited to try all these new things - what about you?


Rebuild Xcode index

Since iOszkar 1.1 is still waiting for review I decided to switch to the Object Mapping 2.0 branch of RestKit and update iOszkar to use it to provide feedback on this beta branch and to prepare my project for the future as well.
It took only a few commands and clicks - but it didn't work! Xcode was still missing the 2.0-related classes, so I gone through the whole setup process again - but it didn't work, those classes were still missing for Xcode! I tried several other alternatives without luck…
Then I remembered that there is an exotic directory holding generated data and also the index: DerivedData. I simply erased all the content within it and this indeed forced Xcode to rebuild the index and thus correctly recognize all necessary classes - success!
The location of this directory can be determined by choosing Project Settings… in the File menu: